Maybe this is a more clear photo of the colour

Requested in colour :) its very…blonde

Post a pic in colour!!

Okay it looks a bit the colour of Eleanor’s at LFW rn 😌

New hair 💆 ombré (hoping the sun will bleach it a bit blonder)

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What can I wear for a week in Hawaii ?


Wear lots of crop tops, muscle tanks, maxi skirts and high waisted shorts and playsuits/rompers

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Yes!! A picture where we can see all her outfit ( from the head to the shoes)! The pictures are for me to see her clothes, so it would be cool if you could get them. Xx

Someone sent in a link of all the times we’ve seen her

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justelounor(.)tumblr(.)com/post/38171329896/louis-eleanor-the-masterpost just link that anon to this (: x

Thank you very much x

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Hey do you think that you can post all eleanor outfits or most of them ?? Only since 2011 X Thank you anyway xx :)

Wow uhm that’s a massive you mean from when we first saw her? (Nialls party) To her most recent?

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I really love El's style. But I don't know what type of clothes i have to buy. Might u make a post with most of the clothes that has El in her closet or the essentials clothes that she wear? I love her style. I want my wardrobe look like El's closet

I made a post already

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Eleanor Calder Staples by ieleanorcalderstyle featuring a quilted jacket

Tee and Cake white shirt / Topshop petite top / Mango long sleeve shirt, $17 / H M black t shirt, $14 / Burberry quilted jacket / Topshop jeans / High waisted jeans / Topshop romper, $25 / Topshop black legging, $34 / Converse flat shoes, $85 / Flat shoes / Vans black shoes, $59 / Ankle boots / Mulberry leather handbag, $1,870 / Elsa Peretti sterling silver jewelry / ASOS stackable ring, $14 / Ray Ban ray ban aviator, $205 / Topshop nail polish
Red jumpsuit thing

Oh she wore it a few years back, do you know the photo of Eleanor sitting on her ex’s shoulders and everyone thought it was Louis because someone photoshopped his head :) that’s when she wore it x

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I really love Eleanor style, but i never know what to wear. I love everything that El wears but when i am shopping i never know what to buy. I always see pictures of her, but i never know what to look for. I don't know what her style is based? Is it casual? It is formal? Tell me her essentials and how is her style. What should i buy to have a similar style? What does she wears the most? What should i have in my wardrobe ? Please help me, i really want to have a fashion sense like her x

I did a mega post on what you should look for whilst shopping for you and I’ll do a few staples that you MUST have in Eleanor’s wardrobe :) x

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When did el wear that red one

Red one?

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Louis in Portugal

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I was sent a message by someone saying they didn’t really know what to shop for when going out shopping for an Eleanor wardrobe.

So I’ve created this post of complete basic necessities that you’d need to shop for. I’ve labelled each item as to what category they come under e.g raglan coat,boyfriend jeans.

So I hope this guide can come in handy and if you’d like me to make one for jackets,jewellery etc. then please let me know :)

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