I’m really sick of seeing “Sophia never look happy” “Does Sophia even know the word SMILE”

just stfu maybe camera’s catch her at the wrong time,I’m not smiling 24/7 stop finding stupid reasons to “prove” her relationship with Liam is “fake” it’s not. 

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Unseen photo of Eleanor and Danielle at MSG! Sorry forgot to watermark

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Eleanor and Danielle in LA

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Eleanor rare photo! 

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~Requested~ Eleanor wearing a skirt 

I found Eleanor’s ALIBI boots!

Unfortunately I’m not a size 4 (EURO: 37, US: 6 1/2) message me if you’d like the link  :) x

This is also Eleanor at a One Direction concert with Danielle :) 

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Danielle dancing at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. She wore a bustier from Topshop but I found a very similar one from go jane. Click here to buy it

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