In Eleanor’s new instagram photo with Alana and Sophia she is wearing this knitted sweater,this leather biker jacket,these ray-bans and this polish!
I bought this knitted tank yesterday whilst shopping and it looks great over a white top like Eleanor’s you can buy it here! (Cheaper in store!)
Eleanor was pictured with friends back in January wearing this sweater,these jeans and this bracelet!
PC: white-calder
Zara are currently selling these lace up ankle booties similar to Eleanor’s here!

I just found Eleanor’s exact mesh jacket, it’s on sale here from The Kooples!


Eleanor was spotted out in NYC with Lottie and Sophia wearing this dress from the kooples (available in S & XL),these shoes,these ray-ban aviators and carrying this phone and this bag!
**People are saying the dress is sold out but I was able to click both S & XL and add them to the bag!
Eleanor was seen wearing a printed dress similar to this,possibly these shoes and carrying this bag!
Eleanor was pictured today looking adorable as she took selfies with fans wearing this top,this jacket,possibly these jeans,this watch,these boots and these aviators!
I just found two almost identical boots to Eleanor’s YSL lace up boots which are both a lot cheaper. These are being sold second hand (? I think) here on etsy! These are the more pricey ones but still less than half the price!
**Please please credit me if you use these in your own set
Eleanor was pictured in Starbucks with Sophia wearing this tank top,this bra,these Topshop jeans,these shoes,this Burberry watch,these Ray-Ban Aviators and carrying this bag!
**I think these shoes are exact! The JC straps go right to the back of the shoe! Eleanor’s don’t!
Eleanor was pictured at the New Jersey concert with Danielle B,Sophia and Lottie wearing this bomber jacket,these YSL lace up boots,this dress and carrying this bag!

I was sent a message by someone saying they didn’t really know what to shop for when going out shopping for an Eleanor wardrobe.

So I’ve created this post of complete basic necessities that you’d need to shop for. I’ve labelled each item as to what category they come under e.g raglan coat,boyfriend jeans.

So I hope this guide can come in handy and if you’d like me to make one for jackets,jewellery etc. then please let me know :)

Eleanor wearing high top white converse (how to style them)

Eleanor was pictured with Phoebe (I think) wearing this jumper and these antlers during Christmas 2012/13!

Untitled #3094 by ieleanorcalderstyle featuring christmas holiday decor

Polar Pals, $54 / Christmas holiday decor, $9.16

Eleanor was pictures back in May 2013 wearing this shirt and these Union Jack glasses!

Untitled #3093 by ieleanorcalderstyle featuring metal sunglasses

Nylon Spandex Micro-Mesh Long Sleeve Button-Up | American Apparel, $70
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