Is there any exacts I haven’t posted?

Eleanor exacts on ebay

American Apparel floral shorts: here
Zara peplum top: here
Bycorpus jacket: here (darker version)
Topshop khaki leigh jeans: here & here
Topshop flying jacket: here
Zara grey coat: here
Topshop leather hem skirt (blue): here
Topshop faux leather skirt: here
Topshop leather hem skirt (black): here
Link of London/London2012 bracelet: here
Topshop black leggings: here
Topshop cross dress: here,here,here & here
Topshop speechbubble jumper: here & here
Topshop drape blouse: here
Topshop tie dye leggings: here & here
Topshop mighty boots: here & here
Topshop bomber jacket: here
Topshop tweed jumpsuit: here,here & here
Topshop aftershocks: here
Topshop fluffy mint green jumper: here
Topshop boyfriend coat: here & here
Motel playsuit: here & here
Topshop Katz (black): here & here
Topshop Katz (navy): here
opshop Katz (B&W): here & here
Angry Birds slippers: here
Topshop adonis boots: here & here
Zara fringe shirt: here
Topshop kimono shirt: here
Zara dog pleat shorts: here
Zara lace blouse: here
Mango sequin sweater: here
Boy London t shirt: here & here (black)
Topshop pussybow blouse: here
Topshop stripe lace collar crop top: here
Zara fringe jacket: here
Topshop lacey jeans: here
Topshop lime jeans: here
Topshop pini: here
Topshop bell dress: here
Topshop tunic dress: here


In France Eleanor wore this bikini from American Apparel and some Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses!
In France Eleanor wore a tunic similar to this one,these heels,this watch and using this phonecase! 

Credit for tunic,shoes and phone case: thecalderlookbook

In this unseen photo, Eleanor was wearing this sold out Topshop top! 


When I left I think I lost nearly 200 followers and I’m really happy that I’ve almost go my ?k back. I think I’m going to be a lot more active for you guys now also so send in some requests x

It’s Spring again! So here’s a guide to what you will need for your spring look. Start fresh chuck out/sell any old clothes you don’t want anymore for starters this will give you a blank canvas to start building your spring wardrobe.
  • Tops: loose baggy tops can be worn all year round but they are a great spring essential
  • Dresses: Finally its not so cold anymore, floral,cream,striped,polka dot dresses are the ones I’d recommend for spring or black if  you’d like that too :)
  • Camisoles: These are really nice to chuck on over some shorts or tucked into a skirt or just over some jeans
  • Accessories: Go wild with what you buy for accessories, the fedora hat is a very big trend right now so see if you can find one of those
  • Sandals: Heeled strappy sandals are definitely one of my favourites at the moment, Topshop have a great range!
  • Shorts: Denim or material shorts are Eleanor’s favourite choice. If you can look for some nice boucle shorts like the ones she wore to Disneyland
  • Skirts: I’d recommend getting skirts that are quite flowy or a nice leather look one
  • Jackets: Denim all the way for a spring jacket,also trench coats and bomber jackets
  • Shoes/Boots: For me I’d recommend vans,loafers and sand coloured boots. Vans are definitely an all year round thing but I think they just can look great with so much of the spring essentials, Topshop have lots of cute patterned loafers in store!
If you’re stuck on what to wear check out the spring page here!
In this photo alwayscalder post I believe Eleanor was using this phone case!
At Taylor Swift’s Red tour Eleanor wore a very nice Burberry leather jacket. Mango has a very similar one in stock atm, I’ll try and look for cheaper alternatives 
Eleanor in France with her friends (I can’t find the top yet but I’m still looking) 

Would you be happy if I came back to this blog and started posting again?

I know I’ve lost a lot of followers but thank you for the people that stayed :)

Eleanor was spotted at the VMA a while back wearing this sadly sold out playsuit from Selfridges however Urban Outfitters is selling a very similar one here!

Eleanor and Gemma got their nails done in Japan, she is wearing these two rings! Ring, $115 / FLASH TRASH, $32

Eleanor was spotted at Melbourne airport with Louis today wearing this cropped t shirt,this jacket,these jeans,these brogues and carrying this bag!

Topshop has released these gorgeous Katz look a likes called the Kelso cut out shoes. They are more pointed and have two straps but they are a great alternative and cheaper! Click here for B/W & here for Black!

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