Eleanor was more likely to be wearing these heels as Eleanor’s have small crystals on hers! Thank you to X for showing me :)
If you’d like to check click here!
Eleanor was seen wearing this Mango coat (credit: eleanors-clothes)
Eleanor was seen in (LA?) a while back wearing this sold out Zara top,jeans similar to these,these Zara shoes,these sunglasses,this fossil watch and carrying this bag!
Eleanor was seen today in Portugal with Louis wearing these new KG sandals,this dress from Topshop Boutique,these aviators and carrying this YSL bag!
Eleanor is wearing these Nike Air Force 1 trainers! 
Eleanor was seen today in Madrid at the boy’s hotel wearing these jeans,these NIKE airforces,possibly this blazer,carrying this bag,a gold iphone,a similar rucksack to this (SSO) and using this similar suitcase!
At Eleanor’s graduation today she wore this gorgeous leather trim dress from The Kooples which is currently on sale here! Congratulations Eleanor!
Eleanor was seen today wearing this top from H&M,however this Topshop tee is very similar,these sunglasses and probably carrying this bag!
The photos are unclear but Eleanor could have been wearing any of these three scarves 

Eleanor was pictured getting of the plane with Louis wearing this jacket,this top,these similar jeans,possibly one of these two pairs of loafers (1,2) and carrying this bag!

Eleanor Calder Style Guide to Italy (cold & hot weather)


Styling Outfits with accessories


Stick to quite simple jewelry but with the ring and nail polish make them stand out to bring out your outfit. Same with the bag. 



Face - full foundation coverage with concealer 
         - use a soft pink blush (topshop)

Eyes - Soft pastel coloured base eyeshadow & then a slightly darker                  shade for the add in colour then add a your favourite mascara to            the top and bottom lashes

Lips - Lipgloss and a pale pink (fair skin)
          If you prefer a more bold colour like a bright pink or red this goes             best with a tanned or darker skin
          Try a burgundy if you want a more browny colour

What else to pack?

I would like to make more style guides..send request? x

Master-Post of all Eleanor’s jacket excluding Blazers/Hoodies
Untitled #2871 by ieleanorcalderstyle featuring Topshop
At Max’s birthday Eleanor was actually pictured wearing this sweater!

Eleanor Calder - guide to a concert

what to wear?

(try and avoid wearing band tees,I did that once but it was just kind of embarrassing)



going alone?

taking photos

what else to bring?

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