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Eleanor was pictured at the NMA’s with Louis possibly wearing this hoodie and this similar beanie!

Two unseen photos (in the bottom one you can see the top of her head in front of Louis)

Unseen photos

Two unseen photos

Eleanor was spotted at the VMA a while back wearing this sadly sold out playsuit from Selfridges however Urban Outfitters is selling a very similar one here!

Unseen photo of elounor at the TIU after party

Like if you’d like me to more unseens

Zara is selling a very similar jacket to Eleanor’s from The Reformation. It is cheaper and you can purchase it here!

Unseen photo of Eleanor and her friend

Unseen fan taken photo

Sorry it’s blurry but it’s another unseen photo of a very young eleanor! She’s on the right

Two unseen photos of Eleanor!

I don’t know if anyone is interested but i found about 10 unseen/rare photos of Eleanor

I’m really sick of looking at all these photoshop theories and other theories on the new elounor photo. God does anyone actually give a shit? Can’t we just enjoy the fact they both look adorable whether you ship elounor or not.

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