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Eleanor’s curly hair from the back (sorry there’s not many photos)

Eleanor was seen today with Louis wearing this tank top, these sunglasses, this nail polish and using this phone case!
In this photo Lottie posted on Instagram, Eleanor can be seen wearing this tusk ring! Thank you to the lovely anon for sending it in to me :)

Damn I really don’t ship Elounor but if Louis was there,Eleanor better post a photo of the two of them please

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Little Black Dress (there’s a few more but I couldn’t find the photos)

Why I people trying to prove so hard the breakup didn’t happen? Like c’mon if it didn’t happen we’ll see 200 HQ pictures of the two soon so calm your tits people

Can people stfu about larry/elounor

"I haven’t seen a larry/elounor shipper explain this"


"fake fan"


"Elounor shippers are blind"

"I hate Larry shippers"

"I hate Elounor shippers"

I ship Larry but I don’t go screaming it out the top of my lungs and bashing other peoples opinions. SOME Elounor shippers are just as bad as SOME Larry shippers. I believe Larry is real because of the proof. Elounor shippers believe Elounor because Louis tells them it’s real and the proof they have. Tbh either way we can’t read their minds. Eleanor and Louis might not be in love. Louis and Harry might not be in love and we will never know alright. We’re not them. Proof doesn’t really show anything anymore does it because all it does it make other ships debunk proof. Find something better to do with your time. Nobody will listen to this but I know lots of people are thinking it. We all see love in a different way, whether it’s between two guys,two girls or a guy and a girl. Love is different to everyone so just think before you send pathetic hate to someone over a ship! because I know that both shippers equally get bashed and we’ve lost sisters and brothers from this fandom.

Please follow my Louis Instagram account it would mean so much to me and if I like your photos I’ll most probably follow you back especially if you’re a 1D account x

Eleanor was pictured at the NMA’s with Louis possibly wearing this hoodie and this similar beanie!

Two unseen photos (in the bottom one you can see the top of her head in front of Louis)

Unseen photos

Two unseen photos

Eleanor was spotted at the VMA a while back wearing this sadly sold out playsuit from Selfridges however Urban Outfitters is selling a very similar one here!

Unseen photo of elounor at the TIU after party

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