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As requested another video x

Yay One Direction signed my blog lol I tried ahah :’)


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Imagine Niall giving you his grey army sweater :’( 

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That denim jacket with leather sleeves and badges Niall wore at the concert still makes me melt 😍

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We all know we’d do dirty things to Niall if he gave us the chance ;)

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Niall looked amazing during that live yougeneration video thingy.I mean c’mon look at this hot piece of eyecandy! x

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Eleanor today at One Direction’s concert in Manchester wearing this shirt (sold out) and this jacket (sold out)!

I’d kill to have one of Niall’s sweaters :( wahhhh I’m gonna save up idgaf

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Is Room 317 good? I’ve never read it but started today,I feel like it’s gonna be a fanfic I’ll get hooked too like the one I read before with like 52 chapters. It ended on a cliff hanger and never saw if they added an extra chapter or did a sequel. I just wanna know because everyone is always raving on about it x

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